Episode 10: Film for Thought – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Episode 10: Film for Thought – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

On this episode, Scott talks about one of the themes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Does security and freedom go hand to hand or do they rub each other the wrong way?  Love to know what you think about the subject of security vs. freedom!

Scott Stedman Podcast Update



Hope you all are enjoying the last day of February.  I will not have a podcast up this week, due to it being my birthday weekend and have a lot of other things to attend to before i leave town.  However, there are some exciting things coming up.

1.  At the Cortland First Church of God (Cortland, OH) I will be hosting a movie night of the film “Life of Pi” at 7:00.  There will be an optional discussion after the film.

2.  Since the month of March is a month to honor woman, I am in the process of having some woman be guess on the show to showcase their incredible stories.  

So stay tune and I look forward to bringing some more podcast your way.