Episode 178: CopyCat Revival


In Episode 169, Scott and Micah reflected on the Asbury Revival and begin to wonder how many groups will try to capitalize on the revival.  In today’s episode, we look at the various organizations that plan conventions, retreats, camp meetings, and conferences that have suddenly changed their event by calling it a revival.  We debate if this is a real revival that people are preparing for, are trying to catch lightning in a bottle, and maybe revival will happen if we tend to get out of the way of what God is doing, instead of forcing it.


Episode 177: Are Mega Churches Corrupt?


In this episode, Scott and Micah talk about the James Macdonald arrest, Carl Lentz’s hiring at transformation church, and Mark Driscoll’s punishing a family for their son kissing his daughter. We begin to question whether our Mega Churches are evil, or just have a different governing system due to their vast size.

Episode 175: The “Worship Leader” Trademark Controversy


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss the recent controversy over the term “Worship Leader.”  We look at the discussion from the trademark holder’s perspective and a worship leader whose social media account got taken down due to the Worship Leader’s trademark.  We also discuss the future implications of what this may mean for job titles, and other Christian content that gets published.