Episode 139: Transitions


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss the ministry transitions they are making.  We discuss what elements make for a smooth transition and what other elements make for a rough transition.  Plus, a new segment called, “What is the weirdest thing you experienced this week?”


Episode 137: Should Pastors preach politics from the pulpit?


In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, a number of church leaders have used their platforms to discuss the ruling during religious services.  Scott and Micah share their experiences and debate the question if pastors should proclaim political issues from the pulpit.

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Episode 135: 11 Ways Churches Abuse their Pastors


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss an article that details the 11 ways churches to abuse their pastoral staff.  Scott and Micah share their wisdom and experiences regarding the items on this list.

You can find the article here: 11 ways pastors are abused

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