Episode 173: Why Church Conventions are on the Decline


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss the topic of church conventions and why they are seeing less and less attendance at these events.  We discuss how the pandemic has a part to play in the decline and other factors that may be the cause of it.  Plus, Scott talks and shares a silly game he played with his teens, while Micah gives an update on his home renovation in our stories gone wild.


Episode 171: Who Killed the Prayer Meeting?


On this podcast, Micah and Scott discuss the article “Who Killed the Prayer Meeting?” by Paul E. Miller and discuss their experiences with prayer meetings, the blessings, and disappointments in those prayer meetings, and discuss weather, flubs, and playing drums in the “Stories Gone Wild” segment.

To access the article, click the link below.


Episode 167: Stop Reading Jesus into the Old Testament


On this episode of the Scott Stedman podcast, Scott shares his frustration with Micah Current on Christians inserting Jesus into the Old Testament.  This began a deep dive into faithful biblical interpretation; do we need always to view the Old Testament through a Jesus lens, or can we let the Old Testament speak for itself and see how Jesus fulfills it?

Episode 164: Live Streaming in 2023


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss the topic of live streaming in 2023.  Since the 2020 pandemic, most churches have had to adapt to a digital way of streaming their services while people were in their homes.  Three years later, are churches being practical with their streams?  Is it something with a vision or another thing to do on a Sunday?  Plus Stories Gone Wild!

Episode 163:Churches New Year Traditions & Covenants


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss the different ways Churches kick off the year to prepare people for ministry, church life, and their devotion to God.  We look at churches’ use of Covenants during this time and question if a church and/or church leader are using covenants correctly.

Episode 162: Matt Chandler Scandal – Part 2


In episode 145, Micah and Scott discussed the Matt Chandler Scandal and thought that a number of things seemed odd from the reason for the “leave of Absence” to the Elders’ decisions.

On December 4th, Matt Chandler was reinstated at Villiage Church.  Micah and Scott discuss the reinstatement and why it still seems odd three months later.

Plus, we discuss the church’s obsession with acronyms and Gary Busey in our “Stories Gone Wild” segment.