Episode 142: Toxic Worship Theology


With more information coming out about the toxic church culture at Hillsong, some people have proclaimed that churches that use songs from bigger church organizations (Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation, etc.) in their worship are promoting a toxic theology.  Scott and Micah discuss this topic and answer the question “is it right or wrong to use these church’s songs in worship?”

Episode 112: The State of Worship


Scott and Micah discuss the topic of worship and answer some of the most burning questions that we have heard through our career in ministry.  Topics such as style, technology, sacraments, and are there certain music that should not be played in services.

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Camp Marengo Stories: Episode 2 – The Evolution of Praise & Worship


Camp Marengo Stories: Episode 2 – The Evolution of Praise & Worship

In this episodic series, we will be discussing the evolution of praise & worship at Camp Marengo. Featuring Zachary Alfrey, Alan Smith, & Dalton Bishop

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