Episode 152: The Price of Admission – Elevation Worship


Last week, Preachers and Sneakers showed a screenshot of an Elevation Worship ticket in LA for over $1000.  Scott and Micah look at the pricing of these tickets and discuss should worship teams and their pastor charge this amount of money.  We look at other prices at different venues and discuss the financial ethics of worship leaders who are on staff full-time and touring.


Episode 144: Kutless’ Musical Journey


If you listen to Christian Music in the early 2000s, you would have come across Kutless’ hard rock worship style. In their 20-year span, they are coming out with new music and even discussing their hiatus from the CCM scene.

Scott and Micah look at the Christian Post interview and discuss the CCM music scene and the culture shift in the church that lead to the band’s hiatus

You can check out the article below.


Episode 142: Toxic Worship Theology


With more information coming out about the toxic church culture at Hillsong, some people have proclaimed that churches that use songs from bigger church organizations (Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation, etc.) in their worship are promoting a toxic theology.  Scott and Micah discuss this topic and answer the question “is it right or wrong to use these church’s songs in worship?”

Episode 17 – Depression & Robin Williams


Episode 17 – Depression & Robin Williams

On this episode of the Scott Stedman Podcast we will be discussing depression, Robin Williams’s Death, and why we are attached to those in the entertainment industry.

Notes from the Show:

Why Robin Williams’ Death is Personal for us All.

Managing Depression