Episode 158: Interview with Jeannette Flynn


On this episode, Scott and Micah interview Jeannette Flynn about her call to ministry, and the challenges she faced, and she shares wisdom for those who are struggling in ministry. Plus, Falling off mountains, poor communication, and having staff at a non-existent church in our “Stories gone Wild” segment.


Episode 150: Christian Education & Ordination


Scott and Micah begin discussing Christian Education and debate if it is important or not to be effective in ministry.  We also discuss the topic of ordination in relation to higher education and ministry.  Plus weird stories, and Micah’s wife, Alicia, crashes the podcast.

Episode 129: Switch-Hitting


In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss why pastors are leading in churches that are not part of their denomination and some of the frustrations within the Church of God (Anderson) and how that is contributing to pastors not finding jobs within.

Episode 124: Women in Ministry


In this episode, Scott interviews Shannon New Spangler and Mary Stephens about their calling to ministry, some of the challenges they face, and advice for other women who feel the call to ministry. If you love the podcast, become a supporter at https://ko-fi.com/thescottstedmanpodcast

Episode 99: Reflections on “These Evangelical Women are Abandoning Trump and their Churches”


Episode 99: Reflections on “These Evangelical Women are Abandoning Trump and their Churches”

Scott discusses the Gen Medium article titled, “These Evangelical Women are Abandoning Trump and their Churches,” and why the church is losing membership and not making impacts in their communities. For Full Article, click on the link below.


Episode 95: Discussion on Service


Episode 95: Discussion on Service

Scott Stedman and Josh Jamison discuss the discipline of service while talking about the unique ways HEART Village helps serve missionaries and those in third-world countries.

For more information about HEART go to https://heartvillage.org/