Episode 142: Toxic Worship Theology


With more information coming out about the toxic church culture at Hillsong, some people have proclaimed that churches that use songs from bigger church organizations (Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation, etc.) in their worship are promoting a toxic theology.  Scott and Micah discuss this topic and answer the question “is it right or wrong to use these church’s songs in worship?”


Episode 131: Reactions to Hillsong Exposed – Episode 2


Scott and Micah discuss the Discovery plus docuseries “Hillsong Exposed.” We look at the second episode and talk about Carl Lentz’s Affair and previous sexual misconduct, the abuse of power in those in church leadership, and look at Brian Houston’s own neglect of handling abuse and misconduct in his church and college

Episode 77: Marty Sampson, John Cooper, and the problem with modern Christianity.


Episode 77: Marty Sampson, John Cooper, and the Problem with modern Christianity.

In this episode, Scott discusses Marty Sampson’s shaky faith, John Cooper’s rebuttal, and the major issue with modern Christianity.