#31DH: October 1st, 2015 – Re-Animator


Synopsis: A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.

Impressions:  This film based off a H.P. Lovecraft story has all the eighties vibe with 70s exploitation elements.  Very similar themes in other classic horror where there is a scientist who wants to find the secret of re-animating the dead.  But unlike frankenstein, where the Victor sews pieces of body parts together and shocks it with lightning, people come back to life with some green, mountain dew looking serum. As the experiments continue to get “better,” a more vile issue comes which changes everything.

I thought the movie was entertaining, once i got pass the bad acting and 80s cheese.  There were times i was cringing with disgust, and other times i was laughing at how dated this film is.

Social Message:  I don’t think the writers were trying to add some kind of social commentary with this one, However, I did find something fascinating with the theme of bringing people back to life.


With Frankenstein, there is a theme about Man trying to play God, and that when Man plays God bad things happen.  We see similar themes in Re-Animator.  However, it takes it further under the guise of science and the rapid changes in the medical field.  Dan, is sucked into Dr. West’s experiments and sees the evil of the re-animated.  However, seeing how each experiment gets better than the last, he then becomes a believer.  When the climax of the story hits, and West dies, giving Dan his notes, Dan has seen the ugliness of this serum.  You almost suspect that Dan is going to destroy the notes and serum, but then his girlfriend dies, and at the closing scene he uses the Mt. Dew Serum to try to revive her.

Ultimately, We can see the rapid changes in the medical industry to help improve our lives, but what is the cost with new medicines with harsh side effect? The price of medicine you need that cost someone their entire retirement fund, is it worth it?  So what i learned from this is that we must always be educated with new advancements in medicine and know how it will effect us long term.


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