#31DH: October 17th, 2015 – The Monster Squad


Synopsis: A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his army of monsters.

Impressions:  This was missed on my radar of classic 80s films like Lost boys, Goonies, etc.  This film had the same charm as these films with a bit more heart.The dialogue is heavy with 80s cheese, but it was good, fun family fright of a film.

Social Message: Monsters are not always portrayed as the Draculas and Wolfmen of the world.  In the film you have seen a lot of different monsters in subtle forms.  One of the most obvious one is when the kids are at the scary german guys house and ask him if he had seen monsters.  HE said yes and when he shut the door, you say a number tattooed on his forearm which tells us he is a survivor of the Holocaust.  The less subtle one was Sean’s parents fighting and pending divorce.  Even when Dracula was at Sean’s house you can see the luggage in the background alluding to Sean’s mom leaving.  Don’t be looking for monsters in crazy murderers or zombie, but look for them in the everyday subtleties.


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