#31DH: October 24, 2015 – Alien


Synopsis: The commercial vessel Nostromo receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. After searching for survivors, the crew heads home only to realize that a deadly bioform has joined them.

Impressions:  I have never seen this film, just bits and pieces of it.  For a first time viewer, it was a bit dated but it had some great things going for it.  The abset of music in some places made you feel on edge, the close ups of the alien, gave it a idea of a big, gruesome being, and the lighting gave it a great feel.  overall i enjoyed this film.

Social Message:  I couldn’t find a social commentary on this film, but i believe it was the first time a sci-fi/horror had a strong main female hero (jamie lee curtis might have been the first in halloween) with the two female on board, weaver’s character was the most bold and strong one.  Even Though there were a lot of males who would take leadership, they eventually all died leaving the strength and power to a female.


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