Daniel Fast – Day 2: Thanks Facebook


One of my skills has been social media marketing.  I took a free online class through Shaw Academy and learned the basics of building your brand on social media platforms from Facebook, to Instagram.  As a pastor and podcaster, I need to continue to keep my social media present up-to-date, and relevant which means I try to be on these sites quite a bit.

However, it seemed like today was the day where every friend I had on Facebook was posting those food videos.  I’ve seen things from Chocolate Lava Molten cakes to Cream Cheese Taco Dip.  Of course, all these food videos are things that I can not eat.  It’s it interesting that when you want to cut something out of your life (food, dating, etc.) that is when the temptation begins.

I’ve always thought about the difference between temptations and testings.  I remember a friend of mine decided she was going to spend the whole year focused on Jesus after a break-up with her boyfriend.  It lasted 4 months before she begins to start dating another person (which in turn lead to a devastating break-up 2 years later).  The same time, another one of my friends, decided to do the same thing.  The same situation happened to her, a male suitor found interested in her in a few months.  The difference was is she told the pursuer about her commitment to Jesus and did not date him, which he understood and respected her decision.  A year later they started to date, got engaged, got married, and continue to live a happy life.  Sometimes I think that temptations are ways to try to knock us off our path to our goals, dreams, and miracles.  However, I also think sometimes God tests us to see if we will be obedient to Him, to our promises, and our goals.

As much as I have seen those delicious food videos, I have the choice to linger (and drool) and be tempted to break the fast, or I can close out the browser and use those tempting opportunities as fuel to prayer.


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