Daniel Fast – Day 11: (Mrs.)Communication


The challenge with any fast is not always the change of food or not eating for a certain about of time; it is communication.  It is important that when one starts a fast, that you communicate your reasons, your structure for your fast, and your end date.  If not, then it can cause a lot of friction within your family.

It was this day, where a lot of challenges came to a head.  My wife was upset about my fast.  She didn’t like that we were eating at different times, she did not like that when she bought food for me I did not eat it because it had eggs, milk, yeast, etc. The big thing was she felt like she could not complain about it because I was doing it for God. My first reaction to her complaint was, “How dare you tell me to quit my fast?” “Do you know that I am doing it to be a better leader, husband, father, etc.?”

Once the kids were down to bed, we were able to talk and I explained the reason for my fast. To pray for the church during difficult times, to have the Lord help me with spiritual insight, and to reveal bad habits that need to be repented and changed so I can be the best pastor, husband, and father I can be. Once I told her the purpose, she was appreciative of my fast and understood. She also decided to plan a big celebration once my fast is over with (my wife is a planner so any reason for her to plan something, she will do it). From then one she has been an encouragement to my fast and help me continue to stay focus.


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