Daniel Fast – Day 17: Prayer Walk- Part 2.


I began to partake in another prayer walk around the city that I am apart of.  It was a much warmer day that day but the odd thing was there were not a lot of people move about.  I did the same route that I did before, but my prayers were more focus.  Below are some of the notable prayers that I prayed.

Outside the News Paper

Dear heavenly Father,

May you be with the staff at the newspaper that they will be bold in their reporting and seek out the Truth.  Do not let them be swayed by bias, public opinion, or fear.

Outside the Police Station


Protect the Police officers as they serve and protect the community.  Let them mover with justice, mercy, and grace.  Keep them and there families safe in the name of Jesus.

Outside the Courthouse

Lord of Justice,

I pray for those who are in prison.  I pray that they will not continue the cycle of chaos that they are in and be able to free from whatever sin that binds them.  I pray for the judges that they will act justly.  I pray for attornies that they will be ethical in there profession and move in a way to bring reconciliation in there work.

My one stop on my prayer walk is the top of a parking garage that looks over the city.  When I am up there I 1) pray for the city and for it’s healing 2) ask for the Lord to reveal Himself to me.  What made this walk unique was it was a very calm day but once I prayed for the Lord to reveal himself, the wind violently picked up and was blowing right into my face.  It gave me comfort and assurance that the Holy Spirit is at work in my life and in the church I pastor.

The last place I stop to pray is a piece of property that has been vacant for a couple of years.  When I first moved here 3 years ago, I had a spiritual pulse towards this piece of property.  I have not made any moves on the property since, due to not really know what to say or ask. but there is something there (along with other properties that have begun to take root) I pray for that property to find wisdom and understanding on why I have this impulse.  I hope that throughout this year, I will begin to see the picture that the Lord is  giving me.


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