Episode 60 – Special Guest Interview: Bek Haris Medina-Guess


Episode 60 – Special Guest Interview: Bek Haris Medina-Guess

In this episode, Scott interview Bek Haris Medina-Guess as he shares his story on being trans from a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual perspective.

Episode 60 – Notes from the Show

Update on the Podcast, Live Video, and other blogging elements


Hey everyone,

Thank you guys for your continued support of the Scott Stedman Podcast.  I am behind on some of the podcast, due to me experimenting with live streaming and trying to modify it for the podcast audience.  I tried to do a joint effort with doing a podcast and going live at the same time, but Facebook was having an issue and would not post my live video, due to the opening and closing music.  SO it has been a lengthy process to make sure all audiences can get access to all the different material I do until I can find a good platform to accompany all of my social media endeavors.

With that being said, I have a few more movie reviews and a guest interview that is in the can and ready to post after post-production.

Stay Tuned,


Daniel Fast – Day 11: (Mrs.)Communication


The challenge with any fast is not always the change of food or not eating for a certain about of time; it is communication.  It is important that when one starts a fast, that you communicate your reasons, your structure for your fast, and your end date.  If not, then it can cause a lot of friction within your family.

It was this day, where a lot of challenges came to a head.  My wife was upset about my fast.  She didn’t like that we were eating at different times, she did not like that when she bought food for me I did not eat it because it had eggs, milk, yeast, etc. The big thing was she felt like she could not complain about it because I was doing it for God. My first reaction to her complaint was, “How dare you tell me to quit my fast?” “Do you know that I am doing it to be a better leader, husband, father, etc.?”

Once the kids were down to bed, we were able to talk and I explained the reason for my fast. To pray for the church during difficult times, to have the Lord help me with spiritual insight, and to reveal bad habits that need to be repented and changed so I can be the best pastor, husband, and father I can be. Once I told her the purpose, she was appreciative of my fast and understood. She also decided to plan a big celebration once my fast is over with (my wife is a planner so any reason for her to plan something, she will do it). From then one she has been an encouragement to my fast and help me continue to stay focus.

Episode 55 – Film For Thought: Thor Ragnarok & Justice League


Episode 55 – Film For Thought: Thor Ragnarok & Justice League

In this episode, Scott revives the Film for Thought segment by looking at two comic book movies and discusses the longevity of the comic genre in film & television.

Film for Though was made possible by MoviePass.  Check them out at http://www.moviepass.com

Episode 54 – Texas Shooting, Church Policy on Protection, and “Thoughts and Prayers”


Episode 54 – Texas Shooting, Church Policy on Protection, and “Thoughts and Prayers”

In this episode, Scott looks at the tragic shooting in Texas while asking the question, “what policy should be in place to protect places of worship?” Later, he then addresses the cynicism on “thoughts and prayers.”