New Year, New Podcasts


Happy New Year! I was asked by a listener to address a topic on the intersection between pop culture and one’s faith. So this year I will be working on a series that will cover those issues such as, can Christians enjoy shows like Game of Thrones, is there a line between engaging culture too much, and continue to have more film for thought and look at spiritual themes in other mediums such as television and video games. So hopefully you will stay tuned and listen to the Scott Stedman Podcast.

I will be making most of my podcast over to FB Live so there can be more interactions with my audience.  Feel free to like Scott Stedman Podcast over on Facebook.


Episode 62: What is going on, MoviePass?


Episode 62: What is going on, MoviePass?

In this episode, Scott discusses the floppy business model of MoviePass

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Episode 60 – Special Guest Interview: Bek Haris Medina-Guess


Episode 60 – Special Guest Interview: Bek Haris Medina-Guess

In this episode, Scott interview Bek Haris Medina-Guess as he shares his story on being trans from a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual perspective.

Episode 60 – Notes from the Show