The Deconstructing Faith Series: Episode 7 – Veronica Wylie


Veronica grew us having a diverse upbringing within her family and church life.  When her family moved to Indiana from Texas, she begin to find a sense of home within the church and at college.  However, during her time at a private Christian university, she began to deconstruct her faith as she moved out west to pursue an acting career.

 Join us as we hear Veronica’s story of her faith deconstruction and if she will ever decide to be part of a local church after he wild experience at a church in West Hollywood.  If you have any questions or comments on this episode, please send us a message over at   

Episode 130: Reactions to Hillsong Exposed – Episode 1 The Scott Stedman Podcast

Scott and Micah discuss the Discovery plus docuseries "Hillsong Exposed."  We look at the first episode and talk about Hillsong's origins, music, Carl Lentz, and the issue of narcissism in the church

Episode 47: Reflections on Meryl Streep’s Speech at the Golden Globes


Episode 47: Reflections on Meryl Streep’s Speech at the Golden Globes

In this episode, Scott talks about Meryl Streep’s Speech at the Golden Globes and ask the question, “Can performers state their opinion on award shows?”

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