The Deconstruction Faith Series: Episode 9 – Britta Yeager


Britta had been a part of the Christian church culture from the time of birth.  However, a question asked in a class at a Christian college began to question the church culture she was brought up in and was able to see some of the fallacies in the mega-church culture where she worked at.

 Join us as we hear Britta’s story of her faith deconstruction.  If you have any questions or comments on this episode, please send us a message over at    

Episode 135: 11 Ways Churches Abuse their Pastors. The Scott Stedman Podcast

In this episode, Scott and Micah discuss an article that details the 11 ways churches to abuse their pastoral staff.  Scott and Micah share their wisdom and experiences regarding the items on this list. You can find the article here: 11 ways pastors are abused Support the podcast by making a donation at

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