The Deconstructing Faith Series: Episode 5 – Mandi Hamilton


Mandi is a Pastor’s Daughter, who practically grew up in the church.  After graduating college and going to work at a megachurch, she began to experience some of the anxiety and fallacies of church life and began to reevaluate what the church is supposed to be.

Join us as we hear Mandi’s story of her faith development and where she is now.  If you have any questions or comments on this episode, please send us a message over at

Episode 130: Reactions to Hillsong Exposed – Episode 1 The Scott Stedman Podcast

Scott and Micah discuss the Discovery plus docuseries "Hillsong Exposed."  We look at the first episode and talk about Hillsong's origins, music, Carl Lentz, and the issue of narcissism in the church

Episode 45 – Freedom of Speech


Episode 45 – Freedom of Speech

In this episode, Scott discusses the freedoms american’s have to speech and ask the question, “Is it getting out of control?”  Feel free to leave your thoughts and/or feelings on this podcast in the comments below.